Friday, May 29, 2009

Hi All

Still waiting to hear from Diamond - not expecting a quick reply but as you can imagine I am on the edge of my seat.

Now thinking of going to the London Film and Comic Con in July - they have a small press area which is very reasonably priced with plenty of traffic, however, I have never actually been to one so am uming and ahing a bit.

Finished the first draft of inking on issue 7 of BritForce and am really pleased with it so far, now I have to revisit and add some detail like Britannias tattoo plus the backgrounds - I find it easier to ink the figures first then do the background later - it seems to make the process quicker.

Fingers crossed!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fingers crossed - bugger that Everything crossed! BritForce has been sent to Diamond distributers. Would like to say I am confident as I have a lot of belief in the quality of BritForce, I know its a quality product, however, from what I hear Diamond are rejecting titles here there and everywhere so you just never know. It wont be the end if they dont it but would certainly make life easier

I am now considering whether to go to the Leeds comic con, I have heard loads of great things about it and the tables are reasonably priced so it seems like a good idea

Definitely going to be at Birmingham on the Moonfacepress table and think that will be a cracking show


Monday, May 11, 2009

Hi All

Well got back from The Bristol Comic Con yesterday and had a lot of fun in the end

Panic ensued on Friday when I arrived as the hotel told me they didn't have my comics! I checked with the organisers and at the SP Expo hotel but nothing...disaster! But somehow I was calm, a little despondant but calm and settled down in the bar to mingle and drown my sorrows in lemonaid - no really.

Got up on Saturday and started my search again, the organisers were great helping as best they could and Andy Winter of Moonface press assured me they should be there so I asked at reception one last time and what do you know - after a 10 minute search they found them - huge sigh of relief!!

As I say I had fun at the convention thanks to the great people I was sitting near and others that I met...and I sold more copies of BritForce than I had expected to which was great. The turn out wasn't huge as ticket sales had been limited to 500 apparently less than a quarter of previous years and the set out of the areas wasnt ideal as a seller but hey they were little, easilly overcome niggles

So now its onwards and upwards - BritForce will be submitted to Diamond this week so everything crossed for that.



Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hi All
Not quite a disaster but definitely worrying - the printer wont be able to deliver BritForce until this Friday and then only to the hotel of the convention - aaargh! - I have their assurance so am just keeping everything crossed as it will be extremely embarassing if I dont get them plus the waste of money of getting a table etc

But gotta think positive - they will be there, they will be there - I will repeat that mantra for 5 hours every day

My apologies to thouse of you who have already ordered it - I will get them in the post to you next Monday or Tuesday

they will be there, they will be there !!!