Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hi All

Been a busy time lately as I moved house days before Christmas so have been in chaos for a while, I am finally getting back to some sort of order again.

BritForce is still on line for a March release in the UK which is exciting and I have been relettering issue 2 as well as doing the story edits.

I am also doing some work for Jay at Factor Fiction press which is fun though trickier than I thought, its the first seven pages of a two part story and is very different from my usual work - no muscle men and women in skin tight spandex.

Other irons in the fire too that I don't think I should mention though I am also thinking about trying to get a book I wrote a few years ago published. I have been doing a major rewrite on that, fleshing it out a bit. Its not really the best of times I guess so maybe hold off - besides its really difficult to write a good synopsis!

Dont worry though BritForce is a priority - it just depends on sales in March as to where I go with it



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