Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hi All

Well a week after Bristol and finally getting round to writing my blog, its been a hectic week.

Overall I had a fun time, met some really cool people and sat between Excelsior Comics, a Bristol comic shop and H.R.Lord of "Here Comes Everyone" - you really need to check out her book its very cool - Attendance of the small press half of the event was way up on last year with it getting busy straight away but most of the stall holders there agreed that there were more people looking than buying. Still it was a good couple of days with BritForce # 1 still selling - actually more than # 2 at the moment and it gave me the impetus I needed to start pushing BritForce to news sites and for reviews, hence the busy week.

Check out a couple of reviews

The second has some points to address which is only to be expected in my first outing and has a BIG spoiler so be warned but is over all positive giving BritForce 3.5 stars out of 5 and a "recommended" from CBO.

I had the stall by myself - something I wont be doing again as I didnt see any of the show at all and only got to talk to other exibitors when they came to my stand.

Well I already booked a table at BICs so onwards and upwards!



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