Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hi All
Well issue 2 is coming on apace, currently being script edited by Andy Winter of Moonface Press, ready for a release at the Small Press Expo in Bristol in May. I have finished the cover and am really pleased with it - was a lot of work but definitely worthwhile.

Came across a couple of problems, the first being that it features a TV personality who no longer works on the program involved though she did when I drew it...and the second being that Gordon Brown is Prime Minister and featured in the pages and by the convention he may no longer be. Much to be said for inventing people in these situations rather than drawing on real life I guess. Ah well it wont spoil peoples enjoyment of the book I am sure.

The strip I did for Violent by Factor Fiction Press will be in the next issue # 17 which is out in May, its just a 7 page piece in the magazine but I was pleased with it.