Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hi all

Been awhile since my last post, sorry for that but I haven't been in the best of health so everything has been on hold.

Getting back to feeling human again now so had hoped I would be able to give you some great news but believe it or not still nothing from Diamond, its getting very frustrating as I want to move forward but their lack of response leaves me in limbo. My publisher has chased but apparently all his contacts have left the co. Added to the frustration will be the embarassment of trying to launch the comic again when we should have been able to capitalise on Bristols exposure. Grrr. The devil farts in my face again Percy

On a very mionor plus, my recovery period gave me time to watch all 5 series of Angel back to back which was really cool, after I finished my Buffy binge viewing of course. One thing I noticed is that there aren't really any happy endings in it but I guess thats all part of atoning for 150 years of murder and mayhem. I am curious to see Dollhouse - I have heard mixed reviews of it but always like to make up my own mind